About us

Giants Village is a digital space built for Giants, ready to welcome anyone who wants to be our friend and become a part of the community. This platform is where tech-driven creators, builders, and web 3 enthusiasts can feel at home.
Giants Village
We aim to build together, grow together, and earn together.
We're putting together all the pieces we have built so far. Quests, Giants Raffle, Staking, Gallery, and web3print will have a new home in the Giants Village universe. We will create a unified experience so you can always find what you're looking for. On top of that, we're creating the missing pieces and a game where Giants holders can build their web3 village.
Building your village will be only one of the experiences this universe will provide.

Our goal

We believe in the multiplying power of the community.
Giants Village is growing into one big digital nation with its currency and economics, culture and education, rules of engagement, and governance structure. We're building step by step towards that goal.
We started with the 10k Giants NFT collection and added the $Giant token for liquidity. Next, we're building utility through different tools in the Giants Village Framework (the game included) and creating value-building engagement opportunities. We're getting feedback from the community every step of the way and building for the long term.
Our focus is to make Giants Village the game that engages most of the MultiversX ecosystem. We aim to drive substantial adoption of the Giants Village game by integrating web2 gamers into the ecosystem (to create an account you won't need a crypto wallet).
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