By resources, we refer to items, currencies, or materials that players can collect, craft, trade, or use to progress in the game.

This will be the currency that will govern the Giants Village. From buying in-game items in the shop to upgrading your buildings or speeding up the upgrading process, the $GIANT Token will have a lot of utilities across the ecosystem.

Staking Giants, participating in campaigns or giveaways, in-game tournaments, and other activities generating $GIANT tokens will represent a substantial advantage in the Giants Village.

Primary Resources

The resources must be claimed from farms after the production series ends because every building has limited storage.

Other Resources

Villager Coin is earned by completing quests. Each quest will bring players a specific number of Villager Coins. Villager Coin must be used to upgrade Farms and Houses.

Stars are given by NPCs when they level up. Each NPC can provide anywhere between one and two stars, depending on its level. Stars will be used to level up the village. Each village level will require a specific number of Stars.

Style Essence is given by NPCs when they level up. There are 4 types of Style Essence, depending on the NPC's tier:

  • Green Style Essence (from Common NPCs)

  • Yellow Style Essence (from Rare NPCs)

  • Blue Style Essence (from Epic NPCs)

  • Funky Style Essence (from Legendary NPCs)

The Style Essence will be mainly used in the horizontal progression of the game. It will allow players to upgrade or activate different types of boosts to pursue user-driven goals & specialize in a specific area of the gameplay or spread the efforts equally across all avenues. There are multiple parallel progressions for users to explore.

Example: On farms, you will have the vertical progression done with Villager Coins (to increase the building level) and the horizontal progression done with Style Essence (to apply a boost to the farm's capacity, production time, and others).

*All resources (except Stars) are fully tradable on any marketplace. Each player can develop their strategy, considering that the space in the village is limited.

With all these things in mind, new game mechanics can arise: either focus on a specific resource and use it to trade with others or farm all of them, and you can just build by yourself. Possibilities are endless, and you'll need to plan the strategy for your village.

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