How to play?

The Giants Village is an immersive game where players build and manage their village. Key features include:

  1. Village Building: Purchase land, build and upgrade various buildings like farms and houses, increasing resources like wood, stone, and food.

  2. Quests: Engage in quests provided by NPCs for rewards and experience.

  3. Trading: Trade resources in-game for strategic advantages.

  4. Referral System: Invite friends to gain boosts and benefits.

  5. Events and Tournaments: Participate in special events and compete for prizes.

  6. Resource Management: Strategically manage wood, stone, food, $GIANT Tokens, Villager Coins, and Style Essence.

Custom GPT

We've trained a custom GTP with all the knowledge of this whitepaper. You can ask him questions and get your answers as fast as possible.

Please be advised that the GPT might not always give the correct answers. For important aspects, make sure to visit our Discord/Telegram and get a proper answer from the team.

Set-up you account

In order to create your account, you should navigate to the game and connect using your favorite provider. After that, you will need to set up your inventory, by choosing a password. Make sure to keep that password safe because in case you lose it, there is NO WAY to recover it, so your entire inventory will be lost.

Top-up your inventory

The first thing you would want to do is top-up your inventory wallet with some EGLD & $GIANT tokens.

In order to do that, you should navigate to your inventory, click on the top-up icon, input the amount you want to transfer and sign the transaction on your wallet (xPortal/Extension). After the transaction is completed, you should see the amounts available in your inventory.

Move assets to your inventory

Now that you have EGLD & $GIANT in your inventory, it is time also to move in-game assets from your wallet to your inventory (if you own any).

In order to do that, you should navigate to the "Wallet" tab, select the items you want to transfer, and sign the transaction using your wallet (xPortal/Extension). After the transaction is completed, you should see all your items in the inventory, ready to use.

Buy in-game items from shop

If you don't own any assets (land, buildings), don't worry. You can always navigate to the "Shop" tab to buy them using $GIANT tokens.

You can also navigate to the XOXNO tab and check out the assets on the secondary market.

Build your village

Now that you have everything that you need, is time to start building your village.

Place land

Before placing buildings in your village, you need to have land available.

To place land, you should click the place land button in the bottom-left corner (next to the inventory button). If you want to place land, then you should click the "+" sign. If you wish to remove land, you should click the "-" button.

Place buildings

Now that you have some land slots, it's time to place your first buildings. You should always start with a Giants House (to be able to bring your Giants NFTs into the village), and then continue with Farms.

In order to place a building, you should navigate to your inventory, click the building you want to place, and then select a place on your available land. After the transaction is finished, you can go and use your newly placed building.

Harvest resources

Your farms produce resources, that you can use to complete quests. You should constantly check your farms and harvest your resources once they are full so you don't lose any resources.

Complete quests

Every 4 hours, new NPCs spawn into your village, giving you different quests. You should constantly check the quests and try to solve as many of them. This will allow you to upgrade your buildings and your village faster.

Upgrade your village

In order to unlock new quests, buildings, village space, and much more, you should upgrade your village level.

You can do so, by opening the Village pop-up from the top-left corner. The village upgrade requires starts, which you get from NPCs when they level up.

Referral System

In the Giants Village, the referral system is a fantastic way to enhance your gaming experience while involving friends. By inviting friends to join the game, you can gain various boosts and advantages. The system features multiple tiers, each offering different rewards based on the number of friends you invite. These rewards range from primary resources to valuable in-game assets like VC or Stars. Engaging in this referral system not only helps you progress faster but also enriches the overall community experience.

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