Village building

Players have their own villages where they can build the perfect environment for their Giants.
To start your Village, you will need to purchase land and place the home for your Giant. The amount of land and buildings is unlimited; with time, they will increase in price. Place a farm and put a Giant to work to start the production on your first farm and generate your first resources. You can acquire more buildings, items, or land with $GIANT token. With each new level, you can also craft items using resources.
You can level up to unlock new farms, buildings, land, upgrades, quests, and other game features.
Players can add as many Giants to the village as their houses can accommodate. You will start with one house (it would initially hold only 2 Giants) that you upgrade, buy or build more to add more Giants to your village and farm more resources. You can always check how many Giants you have in the Village, how many are working, and how many are left with no occupation whatsoever.
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