It's time to play and earn in the Giants Village! The Quests system is part of the game's core progression mechanism by which players advance and improve their village & character within the game and get rewarded.

This Quests system has two core components:


We are introducing NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) or just simply: Villagers. Every four hours, like clockwork, they emerge from the depths of their secret abode to fulfill their purpose. With each appearance, the NPCs create quests that test the players' skills, wit, and courage. The players should listen intently as the NPCs spun tales of forgotten kingdoms, long-lost treasures, and unsolved riddles. They would share their wisdom, guiding the adventurers through the perilous paths they must traverse to accomplish their quests and advance their journey in the Giants Village. A maximum of 2 NPCs will randomly spawn in your village every 4 hours. You can quickly check how much time an NPC has in your village to complete the quests until it goes away.

Each NPC has its level. You can level up an NPC with a specific number of XP. You get XP by completing quests given by that particular NPC. When an NPC levels up, it will give you as a reward several Stars and Style Essence based on its level and tier.

The NPCs are split into four tiers:

  • Common - Green background

  • Rare - Yellow background

  • Epic - Blue background

  • Legendary - Funky background

As your village advances in level, you will unlock better NPCs that will give you more challenging and rewarding quests.


Each NPC will give you a maximum of 3 quests when it spawns. Each quest has a minimum and maximum NPC tier (For example, a quest with min tier = 1 and max tier = 2 can't be given by an NPC tier 3).

When you complete a quest, you will receive a specific number of Villager Coins and some XP for the NPC that provided you with the quest.

Quests will be of multiple types:

  • Deliver - You are required to deliver a specific number of resources/assets

  • Upgrade a building

  • Level up your village

  • Others


Quests progression will also have a leaderboard with different stats like Top XP or Top Quests Completed and more.

We'll organize different tournaments and reward the best quest solvers from the village.

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