It's time to play and earn in the Giants Village! To keep it competitive and reward players for their progress, a Quests system, including tournaments, will be implemented. Through the quests functionality, we aim to educate, promote healthy behaviors and engage the wider community.
At the beginning of each level, a set of quests will be unlocked. Also, you must complete at least 80% of the received quests on your level to increase your Village level.
For each quest, you will receive several diamonds that you can exchange for $GIANT token or in-game assets at the end of each tournament.


A tournament usually lasts three months (this can change after the game's release, based on community feedback), and you will have one month to claim your prize.
After a tournament ends, the rewards pool will be split between all the diamonds won. So, the more quests you complete during a tournament, the more significant your chunk of rewards will be.
There will also be a general leaderboard with the best players in the game (based on their level).

Rewards pool

The tournament prizes will be distributed from a rewards pool filled with Breeding fees, Change clothes fees, buying in-game assets, and more.
In the first 3 years of the game, we'll also boost this rewards pool from our token rewards allocation.

Type of Quests

Giants Village quests - These are general quests related to the game and more specific to onboarding and the village you're building. Build this building, add 3 more Giants, these sorts of quests.
Giants quests - These will be related to your Giant's attributes, generation, or actions.
Community and social media quests - We grow and earn together, so by growing the community, you'll be rewarded. Mo' people, mo' power. We'll reward community engagement, Twitter shares, bringing new people into the community, and so on.
Community quests - With time, everyone will be able to add quests to harness the power of the community. If you need help with something, add a quest, attach a price to it, and the community will contribute.