Welcome to the Giants' Universe!

Giants Village is a play-and-earn farming simulator game.

It's the game to play if you want to immerse yourself while turning your time into money. Build the universe of the Giants and turn your dreams into reality! The Giants' limit is the sky!

Publisher: Giants Labs

Genre: Farming simulator, Real-life simulator, Web3,

Platform: Browser

Blockchain: MultiversX

Token: $GIANT

Keywords: Casual, fun, accessibility, customization, cosmetics, monetization, $GIANT

Web3 Game

The Giants Village Game is built to exploit web3 features and technologies. It's an open-world game that gives the players freedom of movement and progression. Seamlessly blending elements of a captivating farming simulation, a delightful virtual pet experience, and the art of crafting vibrant worlds, this game is elevated to new heights with a touch of web3 decentralization, ensuring an unparalleled and genuinely immersive gameplay experience. Each player has his village where he can build the perfect environment for his Giants. On top of this, it integrates a dynamic and thrilling Quests system.

Building open-source will also allow the whole community to contribute to building an incredible experience, create new items in the game and get royalties through community-created assets, tournaments, extensions, quests, raffles, etc.

You will own all your Giants, buildings, land, decorations, attributes, and all other items you may create in the game. All will be SFTs/NFTs, easily tradable in the marketplace.

Game design

We designed a casual experience that is fun and accessible for the Giants community. It offers many opportunities for customization, cosmetic upgrades, and user-generated content, allowing players to personalize their gameplay experience and express their creativity while experiencing both a dev-catered and a user-goal-driven progression. Additionally, a vibrant economy is created within the game that encourages meaningful trade between users, offering a range of in-game resources and items that players can collect and trade with one another.

A monetization model was created to drive a sustainable economy for our $GIANT token. To achieve this, we implement various systems that constantly demand $GIANT.

Overall, the goal is to develop a dynamic and engaging game world that is fun to explore and offers players a range of exciting and rewarding activities while sustaining the economic infrastructure, being easy to understand for users.

Giants story

In a world where Giants were considered outcasts, their unique forms and eccentricities set them apart from society. Feeling the weight of not fitting in, they dared to forge their own path. Together, they united, realizing that their shared experiences could become the foundation for something extraordinary. Determined to create a sanctuary where Giants could flourish and find solace, they embarked on a journey to construct their worldβ€”a place they could proudly call home.

With their hearts full of camaraderie, they formed deep bonds, quickly becoming a close-knit family of friends. Their collective intelligence and resourcefulness propelled them forward, enabling them to construct the initial iteration of their community with remarkable speed.

Fuelled by their shared vision, they wove together the most enchanting universe imaginable, a testament to their creativity and spirit. Within this wondrous realm, Giants blossomed, finding a sense of belonging and fulfillment they had always yearned for.

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