Welcome to the Giants' Universe!
Giants Village is a real-life simulator game.
It's the best game to play if you want to immerse yourself while turning your time into money. Build the universe of the Giants and turn your dreams into reality! The Giants' limit is the sky!
Publisher: Giants Labs
Genre: Real-life simulator, Web3, Farming simulator
Platform: Browser
Blockchain: MultiversX
Token: $GIANT

Web3 Game

The Giants Village Game is built to take advantage of the web3 features and technologies. It's an open-world game that gives the players freedom of movement and progression. It's a part farming simulation, part virtual pet game, and part world-building with a dash of web3 decentralization. Each player has his village where he can build the perfect environment for his Giants. On top of this, it integrates a reward system.
Building open-source will also allow the whole community to contribute to building an incredible experience, create new items in the game and get royalties through community-created assets, tournaments, extensions, quests, raffles, etc.
You will own all your Giants, buildings, land, decorations, attributes, and all other items you may create in the game. All will be SFTs/NFTs, easily tradable in the marketplace.

Giants story

With their small form and weird proclivities, Giants are outcasts of society.
Each peculiar in his way, it was always hard for them to fit in. So they decided to build their own thing. And since they found each other, they decided to create their world together so other Giants could join, a world where they could grow, a place they could call home.
They're a lovely bunch, so they became friends quickly.
They're intelligent and resourceful, so they built the first iteration of their community pretty fast and, from there, created the most lovely universe you could find.
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