From a technological point of view, the first version of the Giants Village will be web-based. Most critical information will be on-chain with different NodeJS services to help with indexing, caching, and other similar jobs for a better user experience.

We'll build an actual web 3 game, not just a web 2 game with an NFT collection and a connect wallet button.

You'll be able to read more about the specific building blocks on their particular pages as the development process moves forward.


While building the Giants Village, we aim for a transparent and reliable way of doing things. One that will help us, our community, and the entire ecosystem. Because of that, we'll aim to gradually open-source as many components from the Giants Village game (as we did from the beginning), starting with the smart contracts and continuing with other building blocks and services.

Accessible for other communities

As mentioned before, we aim to help the entire ecosystem grow, so after we successfully launch the Giants Village with our Giants NFT collection, we'll work hard to develop an onboarding process for other communities or projects and make the village accessible to them.

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