There are multiple roles you can play:

  • The Collector

  • The Gamer

  • The Breeder

  • The Trader

  • And probably many more as the ecosystem evolves

Moving forward, we'll focus on the player role, as the others are obvious or described in more detail in their specific sections. Let's quickly dive into the most important aspects you need to understand as a new player.

Getting started

You'll need $GIANT tokens and at least one Giant NFT to play. After setting up your account, you can explore your Village, build your first farm, harvest your first resource, start doing your first quest, and more. With so many systems in place, the strategies you can take are endless.

Let's look at the most important things you should consider doing in the game:

  • Level up your Village to unlock more quests and buildings

  • Upgrade your buildings

  • Bring more Giants into the Village

  • Solve Quests to earn rewards and level up your NPCs

  • Trade assets so you can advance faster

  • Personalize your Village and your Giants

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