In the rustic landscape of Giants Village, the hardworking Giants shouldered the responsibility of maintaining a flourishing economy to secure a prosperous future for the upcoming generations. Alongside their physical prowess, they meticulously managed trade routes, negotiating fair deals with NPCs and fostering beneficial partnerships to drive economic growth. Through their unwavering efforts, the Giants ensured that the village thrived, offering a promising lifestyle and ample opportunities for the babies who would inherit their legacy.

The primary objective of Giants is to work on the farms and ensure good resource production for the village to grow.

One big difference between Male and Female Giants while working on farms is:

  • Food Farm - Male Giants have a slower production speed (better to use Female Giants)

  • Stone Farm - Female Giants have a slower production speed (better to use Male Giants)

  • Wood Farm - Both Male and Female Giants have the same production speed

More Giants will work faster than a single one, so the more Giants you can put to work, the more resources you will produce. Of course, similar to real life, mo' $Giant mo' power. To add more Giants to your village, you must upgrade your house or add new ones. And that's where each can decide his strategy.

Besides the primary objective of Giants NFTs, they have other benefits inside the game based on their attributes. If you have a Giant with a specific attribute, they will give you the following:

  • Wood farm production boost

  • Stone farm production boost

  • Food farm production boost

  • Quests reward boost

  • Reduce upgrade time

For building boosts, they will apply to all buildings of that specific type.

As more features are developed, the Giants will gain more responsibility in building the village.

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