Everything starts with a few squares of land and The Giants House. You can add your first Giant, and with a few more pieces of land, you can build a farm and start farming.

To add more Giants to your Village, you can add more houses or upgrade the existing ones. And that's where each can decide his strategy. Get more land, add level 1 buildings, or upgrade faster with less land and focus on efficiency.

Buying buildings will cost $GIANT token. You will need Villager Coin or $GIANT token to upgrade the buildings. Any building can be placed anywhere on the available land, stored, and sold (with its level and other progress) to other players. Some of them may be crafted with resources or other items.

All buildings have a maximum upgrade level that increases with the village level.

The Giants House

This is where the Giants live, their actual home where they sleep at night and store books and other things they don't need and won't use for the next few years anyway.

Like any other building in your Village, it will start with level 1, but with Villager Coin or $GIANT, you can upgrade it to add more Giants. The Village level will restrict the upgrade. This is probably the most important building as it will dictate your Village's growth speed.

This building unlocks from Village level 0 and can be upgraded up to level 5. With each upgrade, a new slot for a Giants NFT unlocks. (1 slot at level 1, ..., 5 slots at level 5)


Let's go through the essential characteristics of a farm.

  • A farm has a production time that can improve with the level up of the farm

  • A farm can store only a limited amount of resources (so you have to claim them to start producing again) that increases with the level up of your farm

  • You can place more buildings alike

  • You can upgrade your farm with Villager Coin or $GIANT

  • You must put Giants NFTs to work to produce

  • You can boost the production

  • Can be upgraded up to level 20

Lumberjack's Cottage

This is where Lumberjack Giants harvest wood.

Lumberjacks are friendly people, and in our Giants Village, they HARVEST wood because they actually plant and grow their trees to harvest. So from this point of view, they could be easily named gardeners. But lumberjack sounds cooler, and they like being cool.

Both Male Giants and Female Giants have the same production speed on this farm.

This building unlocks from Village level 0.

The Quarry

Miner Giants mine for stone here.

Stone is essential (as is wood) for completing Quests. Giants being Giants, they like to keep it simple and prefer stone and wood over fancier materials. It isolates better than any more modern material, and you can build more astonishing buildings.

Female Giants have a 3 slower production speed on this farm. (compared to Male Giants)

This building unlocks from Village level 3.

The Farm

This is where Farmer Giants farm their food.

They're vegan, so initially, it will mostly be a vegan farm with plants. We'll start with one crop type and diversify over time; Giants need their vitamins. Food will be constantly consumed while Giants work to increase productivity.

Male Giants have a slower production speed on this farm. (compared to Female Giants)

This building unlocks from Village level 1.

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