$GIANT token

The $GIANT token represents the fuel of the entire Giants Ecosystem. Starting from buying in-game assets up to governance. Let's take a closer look at tokenomics and utility.
Token Identifier: GIANT-761d27
$GIANT Token

Token Dashboard

A good source of information regarding the most important numbers is the token dashboard. Here you can find information like the total supply, number of holders, and much more.


Everything we build floats around the $GIANT token and the Giants NFTs. Below, you'll find a constantly growing list of what you can do with the $GIANT token:


In order to spend $GIANT, you need to earn it first. Let's see how you can do that:
  • Staking Gen 0 Giants NFTs
  • Quests tournaments
  • Raffle games
  • Special events
  • Trade in-game assets


Check the tokenomics on our website for token distribution, rewards distribution, and more.
We'll host a DAO vote in Q1 2023 to propose a new, more detailed V2 tokenomics that comes together with the new V2 whitepaper.


A percent of all $GIANT fees collected will be burned - part automatically, part by doing a DAO vote. This will ensure it will increase profitability over time.

Fees/Assets paid in $GIANT

Most fees or assets from the Giants Game and ecosystem will be paid in $GIANT tokens. As a general rule (that might not apply to all fees/assets), they will be split to:
  • Burning
  • Rewards pool
  • Giants reserve