Future gameplays

Future gameplays will include breeding, changing clothes, crafting more complex items, potions, boosts, keeping your Giants fed and happy, and all sorts of activities, quests, and competitions to earn rewards and have fun with the community.

Possible future gameplays

Giants quality of life

Add a layer that focuses on improving the quality of life for our Giants. They may need to be fed and entertained to keep them happy and productive. You may add buildings, decorations, and game dynamics around this experience.


There are many other possible ideas, like live competitions between Giants in mini-games.


As the game advance in seasons, new farms will be added. In the first season, farms produce raw materials, but as the game evolves, intermediate raw materials farms, finished products, and goods will be added. Ex: the wood will be taken to the pellet factory, and then the pellets to the wood products factory where barrels will be made. In this process, there will be a chance that the final item is broken, so you will need to try again, making it harder to obtain different items.

Resting time

Giants will get tired after some time and need to be replaced with others if you wish to continue producing resources. Different attributes can reduce your resting time, so your Giants can return to work faster.

The Giants World

It’s an open world that brings together all the villages. You can trade, construct shared buildings and collaborate with every active player.

You can invest in in-game buildings, but you can invest in Raffle and get a % from the fees collected.

Giants Lending

Players can rent Giants NFTs to others who want to experience the game.

You will need at least one Giant to build or farm resources, so the game cannot be played without at least one Giant. Luckily, anyone can rent Giants from other players who are not using them.

With time, resources, active players, and community feedback, we will evolve the game experience to keep the game entertaining by introducing new features and mechanics and making it fun for new players to join.

Special Giants

Include the special Giants (Proteo Giants, Victor Giants, Santa Giants, etc) we airdropped into the game.

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