You can stake your Gen 0 Male Giants and earn $GIANT tokens.
Only the Gen 0 (10k collection - GIANTS-93cadd) can be staked.

How can I stake my Giants?

  1. 2.
    Connect your wallet (where you have your Giants)
  2. 3.
    From the “YOUR WALLET” tab, select the Giants you want to stake
  3. 4.
    Press the Stake button and confirm the transactions
After you stake at least one Giant NFT, a counter will reset, and you won’t be able to unstake your Giants for the next 7 days. (the counter applies to all your staked Giants)

How are the rewards calculated?

According to our tokenomics, there is a reward pool that will be distributed over 4 years. Each year, a percent of the rewards will go towards staking from that pool.
You can also use our dashboard to check different numbers related to staking, like daily rewards or how many days passed since the staking started.