You can stake your Gen 0 Male and Female Giants and earn $GIANT tokens.

Staking dApp -

Only the Gen 0 Giants can be staked.

How can I stake my Giants?

  1. Connect your wallet (where you have your Giants)

  2. From the “YOUR WALLET” tab, select the Giants you want to stake

  3. Press the Stake button and confirm the transactions

You can unstake your Giants at any time, but there will be a lock period of 7 days after the unstake, where the Giants will no longer generate any rewards.

How are the rewards calculated?

According to our tokenomics, a reward pool will be distributed over 4 years. Each year, a percent of the rewards will go towards staking from that pool.

You can also use our dashboard to check different numbers related to staking, like daily rewards or how many days passed since the staking started.

Use staked Giants in-game

You can easily move your Giants between staking and your in-game houses.

Once you bring a staked Giant into your house, he no longer produces $GIANT tokens, and you can put him to work on your farms. Giants that are brought from staking can’t be removed from houses. They can only be sent back to staking (and they will start producing $GIANT tokens again).

Giants that are inside the game, from staking, will be marked with a specific icon both in the staking dApp and inside the game.

Move Giants to house

Before being able to play with your staked Giants, you need to navigate to any house inside the game, click on the "Add Giants" button, and press the Authorize button. After that, you will need to sign a transaction with your main wallet, allowing your inventory wallet to access your staked Giants.

After that, you will be able to add all your staked Giants to houses as you would do with any normal Giants that you have in your inventory.

In order to remove Giants from houses and send them back to staking, you can do so by removing them like any other Giants NFTs from your houses.

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