There are 2 types of customizations:

  • Giant customization

  • Village customization

To create new items like clothes and decorations, or unique attributes, power-ups, and elixirs, you need to craft them in your Workshop. You need the ingredients depending on each desired outcome. Sometimes, you will also need a unique recipe for items you can buy or guess based on our hints.

Some assets can be crafted at any time; they will be forever available in the Workshop, and others will be one-time assets, so players must keep an eye on this building.

The Workshop

You can craft new artifacts and decorations here.

With resources, sheer will, and the right recipes, you can create artifacts to power up your Giants or decorations to improve the quality of life and keep it fun. You can even get a few rare items with extra special powers with the right combinations and some luck.

We will add more buildings and decorations over time as the game evolves. In addition, we may change the buildings and game mechanics after community feedback.

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