Change clothes

We think every Giant needs to change his clothes from time to time. This system will allow you to remove and equip any clothing article from your Giants:

  • Headwear

  • Upper Body

  • Eyes

  • Face

  • Lower Body

  • Background

When you remove a specific item from a Giant, you will receive an SFT containing that particular item. This means that all clothes will be individual items that can be sold independently on all marketplaces.

Some attributes will be valuable because they will boost production, help you on quests, and more. Specific attributes TBA.


Each change of clothes (remove/equip) will require a fee, paid in $GIANT token. This fee will be split as follows:

  • X% will be burned

  • Y% will be sent to the active season's prize pool

  • Z% will be sent to the Giants' reserve

Premium Assets

Taking advantage of the Breeding system and the ability to change clothes, we will make very limited clothes with different brands from the ecosystem and from outside the MultiversX ecosystem.

Ranking system

Taking into account the Breeding system and the ability to change clothes, the ranking of the Giants NFTs will have multiple aspects that will all be covered in our Gallery dApp. Here you'll be able to see all Giants NFTs (Male/Female, all generations, etc) and filter them by gender, attributes, generation, and more.

The rank of the NFT itself won't be so relevant, but the individual attributes will.


Except for the Breeding system, another way you will be able to get new clothes will be from different airdrops/giveaways, the Raffle games, and the Quests we'll have.

Assets made by the community

We've always worked together with the community. One powerful feature we want to implement is community assets. With this, you will be able to create different assets used in the game and earn royalties from all future trades.

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