As we have done since the start of the Giants project, we value the community's opinion, and all major decisions were taken together with the community. The Giants Village game aims to follow the same guiding principles. The DAO will make all major decisions, and with time, more and more control over the game will be handed over.

A guide on what can be voted in the DAO & more detailed information regarding the process will be provided in due time.

DAO Platform

All our DAO-related activities are done through peerme.

Voting Process

You can vote using your $GIANT tokens when a proposal is made. The more tokens you use to vote, the more your vote will weigh.

  1. Connect your wallet to peerme

  2. Go to our proposals list

  3. Select the proposal you want to vote

  4. Select the number of tokens you want to vote with

  5. Confirm the transaction on your wallet to record to vote on the blockchain

After you vote, your tokens will be locked inside the DAO Smart Contract until the vote ends. This ensures you can't use the same tokens to vote twice.

To claim back your tokens, you can visit the withdrawal page.

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