The Giants' breeding system will introduce a new layer of mechanics into the Giants' ecosystem. This will allow a male Giant and a female Giant to produce a new Giant.

The breeding system's exact details and release date will be decided after the game is available on the mainnet.


Initially, we start with Gen 0 male Giants and Gen 0 female Giants. When you breed a Gen X male Giant and a Gen Y female Giant, it will result in a max(X,Y)+1 Gen Giant. For example, if you breed a Gen 1 male Giant and a Gen 4 female Giant, it will produce a Gen 5 Giant.

These mechanics will also generate new assets for you and opportunities for new people wanting to join.

The different use cases of Giants Generations will grow as the game evolves.


When a new Giant is born, it might inherit specific attributes from its parents, but it also might get some random ones (even some new attributes, specific to that Gen). The exact way attributes for new Giants are generated won't be made public to make the game more fun. Take your chances and try to create the best, funniest, and rarest Giants.


Taking advantage of the breeding system, some generations might have unique attributes based on the different collaborations we make with different brands from the ecosystem and outside the MultiversX ecosystem.


After two Giants breed, they will have a cooldown until they breed again. This cooldown will increase with each new generation. So, for example, Gen 10 will have a bigger breeding cooldown than Gen 2.

A specific pair of male and female Giants can only breed once. So, for example, Giants #123 with Giants #564 can only produce a new Giant. But Giants #123 will be able to breed again with #Giants #1000 after the cooldown is over.


Each breeding will require a fee, paid in $GIANT token. This fee will be split as follows:

  • X% will be burned

  • Y% will be sent to the active season's prize pool

  • Z% will be sent to the Giants' reserve

Giant embryo

After a Male Giants NFT and a Female Giants NFT breed, they create an embryo. This embryo will have an incubation time. After the incubation time is over, you'll be able to claim the newly born Giants NFT.

In future releases, different in-game assets will allow you to reduce the incubation time for Giants embryos.


If you want to breed with a specific Giant NFT without actually owning it, you can do that if the owner puts it for rent.

By paying a fee (on top of the breeding fee mentioned above) to the Giant's owner, you can produce a new Giant NFT. You will still need to own the other Giant NFT used for breeding (you can't rent both NFTs).

The breeder

This system will introduce a new mechanic into the game & ecosystem, creating a new role for you in the project. If you like searching and experimenting with making the rarest Giants, this role might suit you.

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