The Giants Village game aims to take full advantage of the MultiversX blockchain. All assets and characters from the game will be on-chain NFTs/SFTs, fully tradable on any marketplace. We will use SFTs for the land, resources, buildings, decorations, and more.

The only NFTs collection, for now, is the one for Male and Female Giants NFTs.

This will allow cheaper and faster interactions with assets of the same type: "my 3 wood will always be equal with your 3 wood". This will apply to all other assets of the same type.

All critical information (levels, experience, power-ups, etc) will be stored directly inside the NFTs/SFTs. This way, it will be transparent, impossible to alter the data, and fully tradable on any marketplace.

The SFTs collections:

  • Potions - to transform your male into a female Giant

  • Land - need land to increase space

  • Buildings - need to generate resources and play

    • The House

    • Lumberjack's Cottage

    • The Farm

    • The Quarry

    • Storage

    • The Workshop

  • Resources (Wood, Stone, Food, Star, Style Essence, Villager Coin)

  • Decorations - it's fun and can increase the quality of life

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