Giants Village 2.0

Gather resources

The main activity for your Giants is producing resources as they are needed in leveling-up, upgrades, crafting, and completing Quests.
To start producing resources, you need at least one of the resource-producing buildings available for any Village: the Lumberjack's Cottage, the Quarry, or the Farm. You can specialize in farming one resource and trade with other players OR diversify and cover all your needs from the beginning. Who needs others anyway when you can play by yourself?
You must claim resources after the production series ends because every building has limited storage. There are 3 resources you can produce in your village at the start:
  • Wood (from the Lumberjack's Cottage)
  • Stone (from the Quarry)
  • Food (from the farm)
To produce any resources, at least one Giant must be placed in a building (somebody needs to work). More Giants or Giants with special attributes will decrease resource production time. If you have enough $GIANT you can also buy your resources from others in the marketplace. Why work when you can pay for your stuff?
Different buildings will require a different combination of these 3 resources. Each player can develop their strategy, considering that the space in your village is limited.
With all these things in mind, new game mechanics can arise: either focus on a specific resource and use it to trade with others or farm all of them and you can just build by yourself. Possibilities are endless, and you'll need to plan the strategy for your village.
All resources & buildings are fully tradable on the marketplaces.
Last modified 3mo ago