Giants benefits

As Giants become your beloved characters, we handle transforming them into game stars. Giants NFT collection plays a vital role as the whole world and mechanics are built around them. Now, let's jump into the benefits:
Giants NFTs benefits
  • Collect them as unique art pieces
  • Trade Giants for profit
  • Use Giants to start working on a farm and generating resources
  • Use Giants as boosts to increase production speed
  • Use them in Breeding
  • Change clothes and create the rarest and funniest Giants
  • Some Giants attributes will boost farms production
  • Specific Giants and actions will be needed to complete Quests and earn prizes.
  • Giants NFTs store their story and other info
  • Play in mini-games
As the game develops and more features are added, new use cases will be created for Giants NFTs inside the game.

Exclusive benefits for the 10k Giants collection

  • Stake the NFTs to generate $Giants. Only the Gen 0 Giants can be staked.
  • Some Giants attributes will be valuable forever(with each generation, the rarest attributes will become even rarer)
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