Private Beta Devnet - Q1 2023

This will be the first step in releasing our game, the first chance for the Giants community to play the game, provide feedback, and report bugs. It will also be an observation period for us to identify bugs and adjust all the numbers in the game to be sure they make sense and function according to plan. We'll keep the game experience as simple as possible at this stage to get as much feedback from the community and adapt accordingly.
Think of it as building a minimum viable product or creating product-market fit.

Private Beta Mainnet - Q2 2023

The time has come to invite all your Giants into the actual village. With the mainnet early access, all Giants owners will have the chance to start playing the game. Now, you'll use your real tokens and assets; and all your progress will be forever written on the blockchain.
As early adopters of the game, you'll also get a head start, but we're counting on you to provide feedback to prepare the game for mass adoption. It's important to focus together on building the best experience possible for the masses. More people playing the game, the bigger the market you can trade your assets with.

Public Beta Mainnet - Q3 2023

Now, it's time to open the game experience to everyone.
A maximum of 10.000 players for an online game won't be enough. By launching Breeding we'll make it simple for anyone to join. Everyone will benefit from the growing community, and more people will get to play the game. So it's a win-win.
Over time and with the community's feedback, we'll release new collections to allow every new player to get the full experience of the Giants Village. We'll make the game increasingly complex and more fun to play with each newly added layer. We'll always remember early adopters and reward early participation.
The exact planning of features and release dates might be subject to change based on the community feedback and game status.

Future roadmap

We're an early-stage start-up in an industry that develops at a very fast pace, so we must observe and adapt very quickly. And we shall do so. The game is only one of the experiences we're creating, with more to come based on your feedback.
We'll always focus on the long-term goal of building a digital space where all like-minded communities can thrive. The plan is to create a space that other communities can join, and we can all build together like one big family.